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Dixie Richardson and Melvin Richardson, Husband and Wife v. Airserve

April 4, 2012




Before the Court are several interrelated motions filed by the parties, which concern proper pleading standards for diversity jurisdiction and the proper venue for this action. The Court conducted a hearing on March 20, 2012, on the Motion to Dismiss (Dkt. 6), Motion for Joinder (Dkt. 17), Motion to Amend Complaint, (Dkt. 18), and Motion to Change Venue, (Dkt. 20), at which the parties appeared and presented their arguments. After careful consideration of the memoranda, the relevant authorities, and the parties' written submissions, the Court will grant the motion to amend, and transfer this matter to the United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia.


Plaintiffs Dixie and Melvin Richardson filed their complaint against Defendants Air Serv, Delta Airlines, and Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport ("Airport") on May 6, 2011, alleging damages for personal injuries suffered by Mrs. Richardson and federal jurisdiction on the basis of diversity. Air Serv and Delta were both served on August 26, 2011, and September 1, 2011, respectively, but Airport was not been served. According to the summonses, Air Serv and Delta were personally served at their respective business addresses located in the state of Georgia. (Dkt. 9, 10.) On September 16, 2011, Air Serv filed its motion to dismiss the Complaint, and on September 28, 2011, Delta filed its motion for joinder in the motion to dismiss. In response, the Richardsons filed a response to the motion to dismiss and a motion to amend the complaint on October 11, 2011, and on October 12, 2011, filed a motion to transfer venue of this action to the United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia.

The Complaint puts the above procedural facts in context.*fn1 On or about May 9, 2009, the Richardsons travelled from their residence in Idaho Falls, Idaho, to Orlando, Florida, for a family vacation at Disney World. Their flight had a scheduled connecting flight in Atlanta, Georgia, at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport. To catch their connecting flight, the Richardsons were required to board a shuttle bus and travel to another terminal. The shuttle bus allegedly was operated by Air Serv.

The Richardsons boarded the shuttle bus, and took a seat in the back of the bus. When the shuttle bus arrived at the terminal, the passengers, including the Richardsons, stood and proceeded to disembark. At that time, the shuttle bus began rolling backwards, and ended up striking a flatbed luggage truck. Upon impact, Plaintiff Dixie Richardson fell backwards and hit the bench seat. Although she was asked if she wanted medical treatment, Mrs. Richardson declined medical help. Presumably, the Richardsons continued to their final destination, Disney World.

The Complaint alleges that, as a result of the fall, Mrs. Richardson incurred physical injuries from which she has suffered and continues to suffer. She alleges the Defendants had a duty to provide safe transportation to her, and negligently failed to operate the shuttle bus in a safe manner. The Richardsons seek unspecified damages for medical expenses, pain and suffering, loss of consortium, and attorney fees. Jurisdiction is based upon diversity of citizenship pursuant to 28 U.S.C. § 1332, as Defendant Delta is alleged to be incorporated in Delaware, while Defendants Airport and Air Serv are alleged to be incorporated in Georgia. The Complaint acknowledges that the events giving rise to the complaint occurred in Fulton County, Georgia. (Compl. at 3, Dkt. 1.)

Air Serv moved to dismiss the Complaint for three reasons. First, Air Serv contends the Complaint fails to satisfy 28 U.S.C. § 1332(a) and (c),*fn2 because it did not properly plead the amount in controversy and did not properly allege citizenship of the corporate Defendants. Second, Air Serv contends that the facts do not establish venue is proper in this Court under 28 U.S.C. § 1391(a). And third, Air Serv argues the Complaint contains insufficient facts to establish personal jurisdiction over any named defendant. Rather than file a separate motion and supporting brief, Delta joined in Air Serv's motion and adopted the reasons stated therein.

In response to the Motion to Dismiss, the Richardsons filed a motion to amend their complaint and a motion to change venue from the District of Idaho to the Northern District of Georgia. In their response to the Motion to Dismiss, the Richardsons contend that the issues raised in Defendants' motion are moot, contending they are resolved by the motion to amend and the motion to change venue. (Dkt. 19.)

To address the citizenship of Defendants, Air Serv is alleged to be incorporated in the state of Georgia, with its principal place of business located in Georgia as well, while Delta is alleged to be incorporated in Delaware with its principal place of business in Georgia. Plaintiffs allege that Delta has substantial contacts with the state of Idaho considering it has "regular operations in at least three cities" in Idaho, and therefore is subject to personal jurisdiction in Idaho. As for Air Serv, the proposed amended complaint clarifies that the shuttle bus was operated by Air Serv as an agent, sub-contractor, or employee of Delta. The proposed amended complaint names only Air Serv and Delta as Defendants, and not Airport.

The proposed amended complaint alleges that the amount in controversy "exceeds the sum or value specified by 28 U.S.C. § 1332." (Mot. to Amend Ex. 1, Dkt. 18-1 at 3.) In their proposed amended complaint, the Richardsons seek general and special damages of $250,000, which include medical costs, pain and suffering, and loss of consortium.

The motion to transfer venue seeks to transfer this action under 28 U.S.C. § 1404(a). The Richardsons argue no prejudice has occurred, and not only would this matter have been properly filed in the Northern District of Georgia, it would be more convenient to transfer this matter there.

In their joint reply to the motion to dismiss and response to the motion to change venue, Defendants vehemently object to transfer of this matter. Defendants argue dismissal, not amendment and transfer, is appropriate in this case because the Richardsons "failed to comply with the basic pleading requirements necessary to establish venue and jurisdiction." In other words, they allege bad faith, because the complaint was poorly drafted, and it represents a last ditch effort in the wrong court just three days before the two year statute of limitations expired. In addition, Defendants argue no attempt to correct the deficiencies was made for five months, and then made only in response to Defendants' motions. Further, Defendants argue the deficiencies noted in the motion to dismiss are not remedied by the proposed amended complaint. They contend that Plaintiffs should not be rewarded for their bad faith and lack of diligence by transferring this matter to the Northern District of Georgia.*fn3 Defendants contend that loss of the Richardsons' negligence claim due to the expiration of the two-year statute of limitations is not a harsh result, considering the claim for loss of consortium would not be extinguished.

Defendants contend next that the Richardsons' motion to amend complaint was untimely filed, because they failed to meet the twenty-one day deadline established by Fed. R. Civ. P. 15(a)(1)(B). Defendants point out that Plaintiffs' motion to amend was not filed and served until October 11, 2011, which was twenty-five days after service of Defendants' Rule 12(b) motion. Consequently, Defendants argue that the Richardsons must meet the requirements of Fed. R. Civ. P. ...

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